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                         WHAT IS SUBSTANCE ABUSE ADDICTION ?

Mental Health Counseling Alcoholism Treatment Cape Cod MA.

Alcoholism, Substance Abuse, Alcohol Abuse, Drug Addictions, Anxiety, Depression and Stress Are Disabling Disorders.
                                           Questions to Ask Yourself .

When I am under pressure, do I drink or take drugs more than usual?

Has using substances made me unreliable?

Have I been verbally, physically or emotionally abusive to my family or friends?

Am I temperamental or quick to anger when not drinking or using drugs?

Do I insist I can stop drinking or using drugs whenever I want to?

Do I feel guilty about using substances? (Pills, alcohol, drugs, illegal prescriptions)

I have I lost a job, or stopped looking for work, because of drinking or my use of drugs?

Have I lost time from work because of my dependence on substances?

Have I ever hid a bottle or drug paraphernalia?

Do I ever 'need' a drink or drug to get rid of the shakes or withdrawal?

Does drinking or drugging make me feel 'normal'?

Have I ever drank or used more drugs than I intended to?

Do I gulp drinks or stay out late to use?

Do I prefer to drink or drug alone?

Have I ever had an auto accident due to my dependence on substances?

Do I need to start drinking or smoking pot the first thing in the morning?

Do chemical substances help me to build confidence?

Do I drink more than most of my friends or want to keep going when they all stop?

Do I need to drink or take a drug before a social event? During it? After it?

If alcohol or drugs are not available at a party, am I uncomfortable or have to leave?

Do I forget what happened the night before?

Have I lost my car because I can't remember where I parked it?

Have family and friends asked me to stop drinking and drugging? (Including pot.)

Has anyone ever accused me of being in denial of my dependence on substances?

Do I want to stop using but do not know how?

Would I accept help to stop using?

It has been proven that those receiving counseling have been more successful in their recovery programs than those who try to do it alone. CFTI is ready to support you and help you deal with the stress and confusion in early recovery. It takes time to learn the tools of recovery and build confidence. A key element (action) is taking personal responsibility.

The counselor gives encouragement and positive feedback. The rewards of a sober and straight lifestyle are significant. Friends and family benefit and a journey of recovery has begun for everyone.

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