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                         Sandra was awarded National Counselor of the Year at the Annual NAADAC Convention

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Cape Cod Stress and Anxiety Counseling Stress Management

How are you stressed?

Look at the categories below and write what triggers your stress in each category and how do you cope with your stress. If you do not know- write that too. Be honest.

The categories are: emotional, physical, situational and environmental.

Emotional: anger-being paranoid-disappointment-feeling less than-inability to understand something-projecting-focusing on the past-worrying constantly-feeling alone-anxiety-depression (add your emotional triggers to becoming stressed)

Physical: illness-symptoms from anxiety or depression-withdrawal-having to take medications-hyperactivity-hyperventilating-too heavy-too thin-poor eyesight-physical appearance-loss of hair-handicap-breathing difficulties-mental disorder

(add your physical triggers to becoming stressed by physical symptoms)

Situational: People not listening to you-loss of structure-poverty-change in lifestyle-bankrupt-no vacations-interacting with others-disliking people in general-poor education-old car-not enough money for fun activities-hanging around with losers

(add your situational triggers to becoming stressed in some particular situation)

Environmental: Living with someone you dislike-living in a town you hate-too intellectual surroundings-others near you have no ambition-house cluttered-house dirty-too close to city noises-too desolate living conditions-a lot of drug use in the area

(add your environmental triggers to becoming stressed in an environmental situation)

Life means you will experience stress: at home, in public, in relationships, on buses and trains, at social events, at your job and in your head. Talk to someone about your stress. Develop specific plans about action things you could do to handle some of your stress symptoms. Talking with a counselor helps. For help call: Sandra Farrell 508-873-2132.

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