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Relapse Prevention on Cape Cod


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      What does forgiveness and happiness have to do with relapse prevention ?


When individuals stop using alcohol and drugs there are many concerns besides ‘just not using’. 

A major obstacle for many recovering people is trying to forgive themselves for their behavior when using.  They have hurt family members, let employers down, cheated friends and been generally irresponsible.  Aspects of their previous lifestyle often causes them considerable pain and grief in early recovery.

In recovery you can’t forgive yourself by ‘just not using’.  It takes work.  You need to get help.  You need someone to talk to that is impartial and supportive of you.  It takes time.
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Being ‘happy’ involves the same dynamics.  You don’t get to be happy 100% of the time just because ‘you stop using’.  You usually do gain some serenity and comfort, but deep and continued happiness has to be cultivated by you personally.  To do this you need someone to talk to.  Again, someone who is impartial and supportive of you.

I would like to talk with you and help you through these difficult times.  It is not easy for some individuals to ask for help----but it is necessary.
At Counseling For Today’s Issues I have a developed a separate tract to address relapse prevention.  Relapse prevention is possible.  But it is necessary (or at least advisable), to have a specific plan and an understanding of the coping skills that must be learned and put into action every day.

I congratulate every person who is on the road to recovery.  I know how difficult that can be.  For those contemplating giving up drugs and alcohol I can heartily say, “Go For It”.

Wishing you all the promise of the Serenity Prayer.  “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference.”  (Alcoholic Anonymous)


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