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Alcohol Drug Addiction Treatment Outpatient Counselor Cape Cod MA

How long does counseling take?
 Do I have to determine the number of sessions I will need in the beginning? How long is each session?

How will I know when to end my therapy?

Marriage Couples Counseling Sliding scale makes Counseling Affordable
There is not a limited amount of time that individuals receive counseling. The number of sessions depends on the needs, desires, resources and motivation of the client, as well as the treatment and discharge plans developed by the client and the therapist together. Time frameworks vary, one to six months for solution-focused therapy, six to twelve months for short term therapy and one to three years for long term therapy. Sessions are 50 minutes long and couples are 1 hour long.

What is the cost for counseling at CFTI?

Fees are on a sliding scale and depend on the client’s ability to pay. The counselor and client discuss this rate at the client’s first session.  Rates are flexible and the counselor will work with each client on an individual basis for a method of payment and a fair amount. There are also additional discounts for those +55 years old. No insurance is accepted, so counseling rates at CFTI are made affordable for most individuals.

What types of problems would I go to CFTI for?

alcohol drug addiction treatment outpatient counselor cape cod ma

Clients have mild to severe concerns, problems and crisis situations. Clients seek therapy for depression, anxiety, grief, phase of life issues, loneliness and isolation, drug and alcohol addiction, support of friends and family members that have been affected by someone’s abuse of substances, couples counseling, stress and communication issues, financial stress, relationship problems and heightening self-esteem. A separate tract for successful relapse prevention for drug and alcohol recovery is available. A Woman’s Support group may be available.

What if I want couples counseling but my partner won’t come?

It has been proven that when only one partner agrees to attend counseling it is beneficial to the couple’s relationship. The client learns communication skills, to problem solve, to acquire new coping skills and achieve personal growth. After awhile their partner may agree to come to counseling also.

What about medication?

Based on the client’s evaluation at CFTI, with the client’s approval, there is a collaboration between the CFTI counselor and previous clinicians and doctors.

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